For samples, click here

To place your order,
You may email us along with your address, phone number and date to be delivered on.
We need at least one week to prepare and deliver the garlands. We may need more time to make garlands for weddings and other occasions. We accept payments only by cash or check to be paid in advance.
Please visit our site for sample garlands and choose the style of garland you prefer. We offer a variety of fresh flower garlands. We will be to customize to your specifications.
The sizes available are small (24″ to 28″), medium (48″-52″) and large (58″-64″).  We can also make any garland to the size you need.
Most of our garlands are made in two colors. You can pick the colors of the flowers. Please note, some colors are seasonal and may not be available year round. If you like we will include ribbons and beads. Additional charges may apply.
Please, contact us for further information.

We give special disount to temples.

Or call, 256-366-4153 or 575-602-9990

Please note there is a small delivery fee.

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